Monday, June 13, 2016


Aperture is the setting that changes the amount of things that are in focus.

Shutter Speed is the speed at which the camera takes the photo.

ISO is the setting that adjusts the amount of light that is let in to the camera.

White Balance is the setting that changes the color in the photo so it can make a photo more blue than normal.

It is good to use a high ISO when it is dark outside or in the setting where you are taking the photo. The only bad thing about using a high ISO is that it makes the photo have more noise.

I choose AV when I want to focus on only one thing in the photo. When I do this I am trying to achieve a blurry background.

I use TV when I want to stop motion. I want to achieve either a panning effect or a picture of something in motion,

Thursday, June 2, 2016


For this photo I used shallow depth of field.

For this photo I used deep depth of field.

For this photo I used shallow depth of field to focus on Mikal.

For this photo I used deep depth of field to focus on my phone.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Color Set

      I kind of struggled with this because there aren't that many purple things in school or that people wear so I had to get my friends to wear purple or bring in purple things from there house. Once I had memorized the color I could find it if we were in the library or in the hallway walking. So that made it much easier than when I first began. My biggest success was the photo of the flower because it came out very cool and crisp and the background is blurred out so I like it.

Monday, May 16, 2016

BIG small World

These photos weren't very hard to get. The photo Jimmy I took when i walking out of class and it was off guard but it worked. The photo of Nathalie was taken by Faith and she said i could use it, One of the hard things when I was photo shopping this was getting Nathalie in the right position to make it look like Jimmy was actually holding her. 

These photos weren't that easy to get because i had to take several photos of different bees and risked getting stung when I am allergic to them. Plus  I needed photos of the sky and there weren't many clouds out the day I took these photos. The picture of Faith was easy to capture because the lighting conditions were very good. The only thing that was hard about photo shopping this photo was selecting Faith because there was many colors in the background that matched Faiths' clothes. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Magical Realism

This photo is cool because it looks like I am pushing Jimmy with some kind of force. I took this picture on the first try and it was cool because I didn't have to take any more photos and Jimmy did not have to jump anymore.

This photo wasn't that easy to produce because the lighting for the backgrounds was different so i had to mask out everything in the picture with Jimmy but I didn't mask out Jimmy. One thing that i dont like about this photo is the shadow pf the little thing that's popping out of the wall because that shadow and Jimmy's shadow are super different.

This photo was the same because the lighting was way off and I had to mask out everything but Jimmy. For the shadow I selected Jimmy with the quick selection tool in photo shop and 
then I made a brush and changed the opacity and blending mode and just placed it behind Jimmy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Zombie Apocalypse 

I would save Dylon because he is older than me so that means he would be very helpful to my survival because he knows more stuff and might know how to do things that I don't know how to do. I think this is a good representation of  my photography skills because it has good quality and the lighting is just right.

 I think that the student store is important because it has a lot of useful things such as clothes and food. Not only does it have supplies but it doesn't have many windows so zombies might not be able to reach me. I think this is a good photo because it has nothing distracting in the background. 

The buses are important in my opinion because they all have a first aid kit and many tools so they would all be useful. The buses would also provide transportation and because they're big, almost nothing would be able to stop them. i think this photo is a good representation of my photography skills because the eyes of any viewer go straight to the buses and there isn't anything in the background.

This lock could save me because not only does it lock things bit it's pretty heavy so I could hit zombies with it and throw it to create a distraction and get away.I think this photo is good because it nice and crisp and it has very good lighting and there is no distractions in the background. 

This photo was not very hard to make. I simply took a peeling paint photo and put it on my face. I then went to google and looked for blood photos and chose the ones that looked the best. I personally like this, but I would have liked it even more if there was an effect on my hands and if i made my sweater look dirty and bloody.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Working with Jimmy was really easy because he was not like the people that do't like being photographed he is a lot like me because i don't care if people take pictures of me. 

Modeling for Jimmy was really easy probably because Jimmy and I are friends so we were comfortable with each other and both of us didn't care how we looked.

I think that the most important thing when taking photos of other people is showing them the photo you took to see if they are comfortable with it.